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2005 Festival

2005 Watershed
Festival of Life

"No science without fancy - No art without facts."  Nabokov
Programs and projects are organized under the three areas of Awareness, Interaction and Application. We offer classes, workshops and events as much as possible with the seasons and cycles of the year.  Programs and projects are always evolving and we invite you to participate in whatever way works for you!
Carmel River Watershed Learning Map
This map depicts in colored pencil and watercolor the Carmel River Watershed from a bird's eye view. It includes the cultural and natural history of the watershed and steps we all can take for a more healthy watershed.  They are available free of charge.
Watershed Festival of Life
The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the Carmel River through art and science and help to educate people on how we can care for the watersheds that sustain our lives. Understanding our place in the Carmel River watershed, and all watersheds, has the potential to bring people together as “watershed citizens” through the common flow of water.
A Watershed Experience
Through various art experiences, fourth grade students from Marina schools learned about what contributes to healthy watersheds and about the Salinas River Watershed in particular. Final projects ranged from creating an Art Creek, painting two river murals and designing images for posters that depict animals of the Salinas River Watershed.
Carmel River Steelhead Rescue
Steelhead trout are in need of your help. Contact the Carmel River Steelhead Association to find out when and where you can help rescue fish during the late spring and summer months.  Call Roy Thomas, 625-2255.
Storm Drain Stenciling
Project supported by the Carmel Valley Rotary and Yellow Brick Road. Stencil design by Evan Rosen.  Stenciling carried out with volunteers from the Carmel Valley Rotary, Monterey Pacific Rotary and RisingLeaf Watershed Arts.
World Water Day
World Water Day is March 22. A day to remember our connection to water that supports our lives every day.

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