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The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the Carmel River through art and science and help to educate people on how we can care for the watersheds that sustain our lives. Understanding our place in the Carmel River watershed, and all watersheds, has the potential to bring people together as “watershed citizens” through the common flow of water.

Assemblyman John Laird presents

 First Annual Watershed Hero Award in Restoration to Bob Zampatti on behalf of the Carmel River Steelhead Association.

First Annual Watershed Hero Award in Restoration

Assemblyman John Laird presenting First Annual Watershed Hero Award in Restoration to Bob Zampatti on behalf of the Carmel River Steelhead Association.  They have conducted fish rescues, fish rearing of Carmel River Steelhead, habitat improvements since 1973.  Recognition to the core group of volunteers: Roy Thomas, Clive Sanders, Bob Zampatti, Vince Torras, Henry Meyer

Watershed Hero awards were also presented to:

Lili Wright, Wright Design, for Innovation in Business - following green design principles in interior design since 2002.

Noel Mapstead for Education - educating the public on land use issues affecting the Carmel River Watershed and Monterey County through being a key leader for the preservation of Hatton Canyon beginning in 1986.

Geoff Malloway for Restoration - organizing and educating volunteers for steelhead rescues and other steelhead and Carmel River conservation efforts for over ten years.

Woody Woodworth for Conservation Advocate - using cisterns since 1980.

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