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Storm Drain Stenciling

Project supported by the Carmel Valley Rotary, Yellow Brick Road. Stencil design by Evan Rosen.  Stenciling carried out with volunteers from the Carmel Valley Rotary, Monterey Pacific Rotary and RisingLeaf Watershed Arts.

“There is a whole new effort towards education, given the nature of how watersheds across the country are becoming more and more developed. Even if a watershed is just 10 percent developed, it affects the health of water systems.  EPA regulations state every jurisdiction needs to institute a public awareness campaign, and storm drain stenciling is one of those elements needed to raise awareness that the watershed is becoming degraded.”  From River Network Newsletter.

Here, former RisingLeaf board member Dale Agron, is stenciling a storm drain on Rio Road. Storm drain stenciling brings attention to the fact that storm drain pipe systems drain directly into rivers and oceans. There is no filter cleaning system. One quart of motor oil dumped down a storm drain can pollute 250,000 gallons of water. Every 8 months, oil deposits that flow from our cars to the streets and, ultimately, to the oceans off the United States equals the amount of oil spilled from the Exxon Valdez, 10.9 million gallons! Polluted run-off is the cause the cause of 50-80% of all water quality problems in California. Reducing car trips by riding a bike, taking the bus, walking, and combining errands are some of the ways we can reduce the amount of oil that goes into the water all life depends on. This project was supported by grants from the Carmel Valley Rotary and the Yellow Brick Road. We thank all who made this project a success!
Stencil created by Carmel Valley resident Evan Rosen.

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