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RisingLeaf Accomplishments


  • Established RisingLeaf Watershed Arts.
  • Painted mural of the Northern Salinas Valley Watershed, Kammann Elementary School, Salinas.
  • Consulted on landscape design and school beautification and implemented three native plant gardens on the  campus of Kammann School, Salinas.
  • Created installation, "Water, the Gift of Life," Day of the Dead Exhibition, National Steinbeck Center, Salinas.


  • Organized First Annual River of Words Poetry Reading, in partnership with Upwellings Ministry, Thunderbird Bookstore, Carmel.
  • Sponsored nature study/landscape painting event for children and families, Ft. Ord.
  • Sponsored nature study/landscape painting event for children and families, Carmel River Lagoon.
  • Created and printed greeting cards with watershed/life affirmation theme.
  • Presented interactive information display, 2002 Earth Day, Earthbound Farms, Carmel Valley.
  • Presented interactive information display, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Tenth Anniversary Ocean’s Festival, Custom House Plaza, Monterey.
  • Co-organized "Gathering of the Waters" in partnership with Upwellings Ministry, Carmel Valley.
  • Adopted two miles of Carmel Valley Road for trash clean-up.
  • Participated in Carmel River Watershed Conservancy trash clean-up of Hitchcock Creek.
  • Initiated proposal for bike-ride fundraiser.
  • Installed "Water: The Gift of Life" for Altars of the World show, hosted by All Saints Church, Carmel.
  • Wrote monthly articles about watershed health featured in "Carmel Valley Country."
  • Created drawings for the Carmel River Watershed Conservancy Calendar project.
  • Organized Second Annual River of Words Poetry Reading and Art Show, in partnership with the Habitat Project of Carmel Middle School, Thunderbird Bookstore, Carmel.


  • RisingLeaf granted nonprofit, tax-exempt status.
  • Produced "Walkabout" watershed art exploration, Hidden Valley Institute of the Arts.
  • Organized First Annual World Water Day event and Silent Auction, Hidden Valley Institute of the Arts, Carmel Valley.
  • Developed "A Watershed Experience" curriculum and worked with six, fourth-grade classes to create an Art Creek and establish a native plant garden at Olson School, Marina. Painted two murals, one at Olson School, and the other at Marina Vista School, Marina. These classes were funded by the Cultural Council for Monterey County, Professional Artists in the Schools program, Marina Coast Water District and Bob Miller, Principal of Olson School.
  • Raised funds for, created, and published the Carmel River Watershed Learning Map.
  • Wrote monthly articles about watershed vitality featured in Carmel Valley Country magazine.
  • Supported Carmel River Watershed Conservancy's "Steinbeck Watershed Century Bike Ride" through procurement and preparation of organic foods.
  • Completed Pilot Storm Drain Stencil Project at the mouth of Carmel Valley and Mission Fields area.
  • Awarded grant from Fund for the Environment and the Patricia J. Boles Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County for "Watershed Experience" classes.


  • Organized Watershed Festival of Life!
  • Initiated First Annual Watershed Hero Awards and Watershed Poster Awards.
  • Organized talks by Freeman House, author of Totem Salmon, Life Lessons Learned from Another Species and Sim Van der Ryn on Ecologically Designed Housing and Home.
  • Completed Storm Drain stenciling project for Carmel River Watershed.
  • Taught “A Watershed Experience” classes at J. C. Crumpton School in Marina.
  • Organized third annual Palabras del Rio poetry reading featuring poetry by Carmel Middle School students and the public-at-large.

RisingLeaf Watershed Arts is a Partner of River Network and
member of the Orion Society Grassroots Network.

RisingLeaf Watershed Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible in accord with California and IRS regulations. Tax ID #74-3065745

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